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" Can you spare some change ????? for a good cause!!!! "

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             My name is Andy Jun, owner of ReNu Kitchen refacing located in Windsor, Ontario. My mission is to give back to the community (Feed the Hungry Windsor) with FREE Turkeys at Thanksgiving. I started this mission in 2013 and it was amazing to see so many happy faces.  It touches my heart; the smiles on faces are worth a MILLION bucks.  My goal is to do it again in 2014 at the Downtown Mission and I need your help.  I would be very grateful if you are able to please donate any amount. I am a small business owner and I will donate what I can to purchase the Turkeys and am hoping to get donations from other people and corporations. I have NO overhead and no employees to pay out to this cause.   All donations will go toward purchasing MORE Turkeys. I am hoping to be able to carry out the turkey donation for Thanksgiving 2014 with or without any donations (Donations could be any value… even pennies). I hope you have a big heart and donate! All donations will be posted on the website. Thank you!

ReNu Kitchen